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Mingles is a private members club for the over 25's, you must apply to become a member, and be accepted before you can visit the club.


For entry prices please see events page and click on an event as prices differ depending on membership level and event you are attending.


If you are visiting or staying with friends who are members at mingles and wish to attend with them for a one-off visit, please complete the guest membership form, all other applicants must complete one of the full applications below and not the guest membership form.


Below are 4 options for full membership to the club, our Gold standard membership is free.  If you are over 25 years old, please complete the relevant application below.   On your first visit you will be required to show photo ID so please remember to use your legal names and correct address.


Couples and single ladies will hear from us within around 3 working days however if the event you want to attend is sooner than this please mention this in the application (tell us about you section) and we will process your application in time for you to attend.


Single gentlemen, please remember we get a high number of applications, it's not always possible to contact everyone who is unsuccessful, or to advise you of why you may have been unsuccessful.   When completing the application, please make sure you complete all sections correctly as if information is missing or incorrect, we will automatically decline your application This is due to the large amount of incorrect applications received).  

Thank you x

Please read carefully before you submit a guest membership form.


This form can ONLY be used for the following:


If you know a member at Mingles (a member is someone who has applied and attended the club) and you would like to attend Mingles for a one off visit with them.




You are welcome to complete a Guest Membership form however you must be recommended by a single lady or couple, and not a single gentleman AND be attending with them.



Please contact us before completing an application form as we now have very limited spaces for our final events.  Please note NYE is now fully booked....