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Welcome to Mingles

The Sexiest Club In Essex!

All good things must come to an end . . .

Mingles is closing forever on the 31st December!


We only planned for Mingles to be open for about three years but seeing the fun and friendships it bought to so many people it inspired us to keep it running for almost four and half years!


We have had a lot of fun running the club, a few tears, four weddings and fortunately no funerals! We would love to thank all of you for making Mingles the fun and friendly place it has been.


Needless to say there are some very special people over the years who shall remain nameless but they know who they are and we thank them for all their help, support and friendships both in and out of the club.


So the month of December is the last chance you will have to visit Mingles the Final Party will be New Years Eve 2018 and we are going out with a bang!


Thanks must also be given to the parochial geriatric whose retarded fascination with photographing our bin bags and harassing people minding their own business actually compelled many locals to join the club. So if anyone needs a tramp-like character to advertise their business we know of one who is now out of work!


Important Information:-

Anybody with money on their Bar Voucher or Alcohol stored at the club will need to use it (or lose it) during December . . .


Anybody with Annual Platinum Membership remaining that have been less than 3 times can of course ask for a partial refund of the membership fee please contact us at and we will arrange this with you individually.



Other Venues

Not all is lost . . . we are pleased to see The Members Club in Clacton is going from strength to strength so the swinging scene will still be well catered for in this area. For more information please visit their website


And of course there are many other great clubs around such as La Boudoir, Our Place 4 Fun, The Vanilla Alternative and JD’s all of which we have been to and recommend . . .


There are of course other great clubs further afield and we hope to be trying them out ourselves next year!


Love to you all sexy people


Jason & Bex